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The Aquatics Swim School

I am very happy with TASS. My son who used to be so afraid of water is now a confident swimmer. In a short span of 3 years since joining TASS, he has made steady improvements and is now able to swim at a fast pace without getting exhausted. In the last school swimming tournament, he achieved 3 Gold medals. I am really proud of his achievements I have a lot to thank TASS for! To all the coaches who taught my boy, great job indeed!


It’s awesome! The coaches are very professional and very good with young kids. My son had problem getting his eyes into water initially. His coach uses toys and games to encourage him to put his head into water. The coach is very patient too. I also love the fact that it’s a small group learning where the coach can have more supervision and the peers can learn together!

Eliora Peh
Mother of Hadriel